Special rates on EUR and USD over this weekend ONLY @ 21 Mar 2015

There is no charge for payment by debit card not Credit Card

We update our exchange rates daily and at any time during the day when there are major movements in the foreign exchange markets.

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We are supplying over 80 world wide currencies, most of them in stock

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1 pound = 1.4711 Dollars 1 Dollars = 0.6798 Pound
We won't be beaten on price.
£ 1000.00 Buys you..
M&S 1445.00
Santander 1431.60
Halifax 1421.30
Post Office in Store 1439.00
Natwest 1424.00
Others 0.00

Exchange Rate Comparison

Last updated 27/03/2015
SENLI 1.4711 1.34
M&S 1.4450 1.3020
Santander 1.4316 1.3003
Halifax 1.4213 1.2899
Post Office in Store 1.4390 1.3040
Natwest 1.4240 1.3012
Others 0.0000 0.0000
United Kingdom

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